Rules of the River

All boats MUST keep to the RIGHT HAND side of the river. The bowside of the boat is close to the bank.

1.The OVERTAKING boat MUST move to the centre of the river. The OVERTAKING boat has right of way over the boat being overtaken. The boat being overtaken MUST keep as close as possible to the bank.

2.An OVERTAKING CREW rowing downstream has right of way over an overtaking crew rowing upstream.

3.Crews that are stationary because they are being coached or rested must do so on a part of the river where they pose no major hazard. For crews to be stationary on the parts of the river that are used for timed pieces is not to be done. Any crew stationary MUST be as close to the bank as possible.

4.As far as possible boats should only be turned at the following points :

Upstream of the beck located slightly upstream of DARC

Between Baths Bridge and the Road Bridge

Downstream of Prebends Bridge, but as near to the bridge as is safe

Crews should not spin at the following points

Between the Road Bridge and Elvet Bridge

On the corner underneath Kingsgate Bridge.

5.Crews leaving a landing and crossing the river must do so as quickly as possible. Crews returning to their landing must not crossover until almost opposite the landing.

6.CREWS WILL NOT TO BOAT IN HIGH FLOOD. For a crew to boat in flood conditions, depends upon the ability of the crew and the judgement of the coach. No crews should boat when there are rising flood conditions; this is when the river is high and rising, with excessive rainfall and a high chance of large amounts of driftwood.

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