Parents of Durham School Rowing 

What do PODs Do?

PODs can row both recreationally and competitively. PODs are a welcoming friendly social group that have a significant impact on raising the profile of and improving the performance of DSBC. They provide both financial (through fund raising etc) and ‘hands on’ (coaching/ supervising etc) support to Boat Club.

PODs meet regularly to discuss future events and fundraising efforts. The next meeting is 14/03/12 in meeting room one at 1800. 

 PODS Rowing

Summer Term dates:

29/04/12 Boat House. Ergo room due to bad weather.

06/05/12 Boat House

13/05/12 Durham City Regatta (racing PODs only)

20/05/12 Boat House

27/05/12 Boat House


09/06/12 (Saturday) Durham Regatta  and BBQ

17/06/12 Boat House

24/06/12 Boat House (Last PODs Rowing Session of the Season!)

During term time PODS ERG sessions are also available on Wednesdays 1730-1830 in the ERG Room.


Learn to Row Spring term dates:

26/02/12 Rowing Tank (Maiden Castle)

04/03/12 Rowing Tank (Maiden Castle)

11/03/12 Rowing Tank (Maiden Castle)

18/03/12 To the Water! (Durham School Boat House)

25/03/12 Easter Egg Races (Durham School Boat House)

Parents Rowing 2010/11

Races to date -

Tyne United SBH - Womens' Masters C Coxless Quad (with a strange looking woman at bow...) have a really good row in much calmer water.

Tees SBH - Womens' Novice Coxed Quad (Smith, Bain, Ciampolillo, Deverson x2) had a strong row in crazy conditions - many boats scratching due to bad weather, but the mums overcoming the rain to beat a couple of mens' fours!

Hexham Regatta saw the parents Quad of messrs Cronin, Smith, Bain and Ciampolillo win their first round against Tynemouth but lose out in the final...just.

Tees Regatta - a more competitive race in their heat beating another novice boat.

Wansbeck Regatta - Invitation 2x - winners.

Durham SBH - WN4x+

Wansbeck LDS - WN4x+

Wear LDS - Sons and Mums 4x-

Rowing on Tues mornings at the Boathouse and Wednesday evenings at 5.30pm in the Budworth with some weekend sessions when suit.

- contact Carolyn Edwards for more details. -  Carol0191@aol.com

 Parents paddling on the Ghent course at the Easter training Camp.

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